Walk and Wade
1/2 Day Service (4-5 hours) $ 250.00 for two
anglers Full Day Service (8-9 hours) $ 375.00
for two anglers Single rates are based on
location, contact for pricing.

Casting Instructions One on One
3 hours of on stream instruction  $ 150.00
Also includes the mechanics of the fly rod
and entomology (nymph to spinner).

Lunch provided on Full Day trips. Water and
snac kprovided on 1/2 day and Full Day trips.
Flies are included.
Lititz Run is a limestone spring creek that flows from the town of Lititz and empties into the Conestoga
River.  The scenery of Lititz is spectacular as it flows through the Millport Conservancy, pastures and
farmland.   The majority of Lititz Run is designated as fly fishing/catch and release only.  Donegal
Creek Trout Unlimited in cooperation with local landowners and Warwick Township are responsible for
completing essential projects in their restoration efforts on Lititz Run.  Lititz Run, through TU
partnership efforts, now has a population of stream bred wild Rainbow Trout. A large portion of Lititz
Run is stocked and holdover Brown, Brook and Rainbow Trout can be found throughout the entire
creek.  Trout grow fast in Lititz Run and Brown and Rainbow Trout above 20 inches are not uncommon.  
The majority of Lititz Run is designated as fly fishing/catch and release only.  The fish in Lititz Run
grow fast because aquatic life is plentiful.  The stream is loaded with Cress Bugs and Scuds as well as a
variety of other nymphs and midges.  Insect life is improving every year on Lititz Run.  If you are
fishing Lititz Run there is a possibility that you might catch your largest trout ever on a fly rod.

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