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We do fly fishing presentations for Trout Unlimited Clubs,
non profit organizations and shows. These Power Point
presentations include video and quality, up to date, photos
of fly fishing in Pennsylvania and Montana. All the club has to
provide is a table and a screen. All electronic equipment is
provided by S.B.O.

Fly Tying presentations are projected on to the screen for
easy viewing. We do a limited  number of presentations a year
so it is important to book early. Current schedule can be found
on the
Stream Report page.

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Fee is based on location and travel expenses. It can range from
$200.00 to $400.00, Banquet fee is higher (hotel, gas)
" Your talk last week was
excellent.  The power point was
first class. You were informative
and witty.  
We really appreciate it."
Ben, President of a TU Club
It was as advertised, a great way to spend a cold February
evening. On February 20, 2103, over 70 Chapter members
were treated to an informative and entertaining presentation
by Rick Nyles, owner and guide of Sky Blue Outfitters. Rick
shared his experiences on some of his favorite streams
including Penns Creek, Spring Creek, Big Fishing Creek and
his home waters, the Manathawny and Tulpehocken Creeks.
His blend of videos, photos and verbal explanations was
highly effective as he demonstrated both fly tying and fishing
techniques.  In addition his sense of humor made his
presentation of the facts fun to listen. I think it was safe
to say that everyone left the meeting eager to get back out
on their favorite stream.  Jim Wellendorf, Donegal TU
Lehigh River
drift boat t

Presentations available

Back to Basics (Rick)

This presentation is on getting
back to basic fly fishing. Over
the years we have forgot how
we got to were we are today
with all the new stuff out

Central PA (Rick or Nick)

Learn about fishing some of
the best streams in
Pennsylvania. Review of Penns
Creek, Spring Creek, Big
Fishing Creek and Pine Creek in
north central PA.

Manatawny Creek and
Tulpehocken Creek and others
in SEPA (Rick)

The Tulpehocken is tail water
that is stocked by the state
and has a nice Caddis and Trico
hatch. The Manatawny is wild
trout stream that the state
also stocks. It has the best
hatches in SEPA, Hendrickson,
Cahill, Sulphurs, Caddis, Trico
and Isonychia.

Montana (Rick or Nick)

Fishing in the Missoula area and
discussing fishing on Rock
Creek, Clark Fork, Blackfoot,
Bitterroot and Missouri rivers.
Hatches, lodging, guides and

Lehigh River (Nick)

Why drive to the Delaware and
drive past the Lehigh River. If
you are looking for a western
drift boat experience close to
home, it’s the Lehigh. Every
year it is getting better with
managed releases. Wild and
stocked trout for miles and

Fly Tying (Rick or Nick)

Rick is an accomplished fly tier
and recently placed 3rd in the
Orvis Fly Tying Contest. He
also has been tying with CDC
for years at shows. In 2014
Sky Blue Outfitters
introduced an new wing
material for Caddis and
Mayflies. This material was
used in the Green Drake he
tied for the Orvis Contest.

Nick is known for his
streamers to catch large trout
and his carp flies. Looking for
an evening to tie some this
flies, Nick is the man.
" We had some big names in the fly
fishing industry do
presentations for our club.

Rick out did them all with his
presentation skills, explanations,
quality of material and his simple
approach to fly fishing and fly
tying. Oh, he has some good

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"Back to Basics"

Lehigh River
Rick or Nick

Cost for Banquet
Presentations vary
based on location
and travel cost for
hotel and gas.
Presentation Schedule
White Clay Fly Fishers
June 20th
Shows and Events

Fly Fishing Show 2017
Lancaster PA
March 4th and 5th
Nick participated in our Lehigh Valley Joint TU Fall Fly
Fishing Event to discuss the "Big Lehigh River - All You
Need to Know".

Our turnout was great (90) and Nick's expertise and
presentation materials did not disappoint the crowd!
Nick comes across very casual which got everyone
comfortable with him and got them asking questions
right away.

Nick uses great graphics and video's to cover, in
detail, this very large tailwater.  He educated all on the
2 sections of the Lehigh (Gorge/Northern &
Southern), what the differences were and some of the
challenging waters.  

You'll learn a lot about the river's dynamics and the
difference between wild vs. stocked brown trout!  
There are a lot of "big fish" pictures in his review.
He covers recommended equipment (especially for
safety) and FF techniques.

It was a very enjoyable evening with Nick.  It's really
nice to know that Nick & Sky Blue Outfitters is very
supportive of TU and that they aggressively "have our
back" on the protection of the this wonderful river
through their work with the Lehigh Coldwater Fishery

Thanks again, Nick....great job!

Bob S.

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