Fly tying materials for Caddis,
Mayflies, Spinners
fly tying materials
The key to any fly is how it looks to the fish. The UP DOWN and TROUT Wing material gives you a great
look without the hassle of dealing with hackle or poor quality CDC material. I have been tying with CDC
for over 15 years and it has been become hard to find quality CDC.  So I went in search of CDC and a
friend found this material by accident. It is not manufactured for fly tying but is looks like it was.

It has a rubber "ball" that gives it separation for mayflies, spinners and spent Caddis. It also can look like
a wing case on a mayfly or the head on a Caddis pattern. If you do not like that look, just cut it off or
cover it with dubbing.

Either way it is a very versatile material as you can see by the photos on this website.

Color and Size: It is only available in one color and one size of material. You can accent the wing and
give it some color by adding CDC. Size can be trimmed down and again you can add a little CDC to give
it a higher wing (March Brown above).

Stream Drying: You can use floatant (best) with this material and or a drying powder. Floatant will allow
the fly to emerge after being pulled under. If you mix in CDC do not use floatant.

Casting: Another nice feature is that if you give it a high release that floats and has a soft landing, it will
float high in the film. A low release will make sit low on the water film or even break the film.
Fly Tying Somerset Show
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Guiding on Penns, Pine, Lehigh, Letort, Little Juniata, Spring,
Tulpehocken, Falling Springs, Yellow Breeches, Slate, Cedar, Kettle and many more.
Down and Out  Caddis   

Size 16 Hook
Size 8 Brown Thread
Beaver Dubbing, Tan
UP DN TROUT Wing Material, one piece
Head Dubbing, Dark Brown Ultra Translucent
Up Down
Size 16 Hook
Size 6 Yellow Thread for the base and body, no dubbing
Tails are Micro Fibetts (2,3 or 4)
UP DN and TROUT Wing Material, 1/2 piece (one side)
Head Material, Alpaca Flash Pheasant Tail Color
Up Down Mayfly

Size 12 Hook
Size 8 Brown Thread
Mule Deer Tails (2)
Dubbing, Light Hare Mask
UP DN and TROUT Wing Material, one piece
CDC Feathers to give the wing a higher look (optional)
Dark Brown "Rubber Leg" Dubbing
Up Down and Out  Single "Puff" can be
used for
Caddis size 14 to 20
Mayflies size 12 to 22
Caddis Pupa
Mayfly Emergers
Up Down and Out  Single "Puff" separated
can be used for
Spent Caddis size 14 and 16.
Mayflies with a split wing look size 12 and 14
Spinners size 12 and 14.
1/2 wing can be used for size 16, 18 and 20 sized
Caddis and Mayflies.

Note: Separation is accomplished by twisting the
material before tying into you fly or on the stream to
give a mayfly a split wing look or a Caddis a spent wing
look. The rubber ball gives it a natural separation point.
Fly Tying Materials
You can purchase bags of UP DOWN and
TROUT Wing Material through PayPal. Tying
instructions are included with each purchase.

Counting out the puffs is time consuming so all
we can say is you will get more then 50 puffs
per bag. On average it should be around 70.
But we "guarantee" 50 minimum per bag.

Cost for each bag is $7.50 plus PA Sales tax =
$7.95 per bag.  Discount on three bags.

Shipping is included for the continental United
States. Product will ship within 1 to 5 days by
US Postal Service.
Down and Out Spinner               

Size 12 Hook
Size 8 Brown Thread
Micro Fibetts Tails
Beaver Dubbing, Tan
UP DN and TROUT Wing Material, one piece
Head Dubbing, Dark Brown Ultra Translucent
Down and Out Emergers
The one on the left is using the 1/2 puff UP DOWN and TROUT
for a trailing shuck. Full puff for wings. The one on the right
is using the material with the rubber ball still attached. This
pattern will sink the shuck into the water and break the
surface film. Giving this emerger a different look. The wing is
UP DOWN and TROUT material with the ball attached
Up Down B.W.O.

Just using 1/2 a puff for the
wing and thread for the body.

Great for Midges and
Tricos also.
Note: This can be used for any
Mayfly pattern, just change
colors and size
Note: This can be used for any
Mayfly pattern, just change colors.
Note: This can be used for
any Caddis pattern, just
change colors and size.
Note: This can be used for any
Mayfly Spinner pattern, just
change colors and size.
Fly Tying Materials
Are you looking for a easy, quick way to tie flies?
The UP DN and TROUT (UP DOWN and OUT) material will speed up your tying
time and give your affective flies to catch more trout.

These patterns and materials have been tested by guides and their
clients on some of the best streams, rivers and creeks in
Pennsylvania for the past two years before we would allow
the product hit the market in late 2014.

Developed and tested by Rick Nyles,
Sky Blue Outfitters,
and Ray Herbine who found the material.  

Rick has been looking for a new material to replace his long passion of tying
with CDC. Quality CDC has become hard to find for the past few years and
this fills the void left in the industry. It is much easier to work with then CDC
or hackle and it has some stream side advantages such as changing the
look of the fly (split the wing by twisting or push down to spread it out)
to catch those picky trout.

All these example were tied with the UP DN and TROUT wing material
(wings and shucks). Mayflies (Up & Down), Caddis (Down & Out)
and Spinners (Down & Out). One material for all these flies...
See Rick Nyles
at the Fly Fishing Show
in Somerset NJ
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