Rick Nyles is owner and guide for Sky Blue Outfitters, a
leading guide service in Pennsylvania.

Guiding on Penns, Pine, Lehigh, Letort, Little Juniata, Spring,
Tulpehocken, Falling Springs, Yellow Breeches, Slate, Cedar,
Kettle and many more.
Fly Tying Materials

This page will be filled
with photos of fly tiers
using the UP DN and
TROUT Wing Material.

This is just starting out
and we will post photos
as they come in.
Sow Bug Size 16
Great pattern for the limestone
streams in Pennsylvania.
Sulphur Emerger by Rich Mooney.
UP DN and TROUT wing and shuck.
Isonycia by Mike Stanislaw
The Orvis judges said...

"All of the judges said they have never
seen biots used as a wing material in a
dry fly, but this fly used them, probably
to help simulate the wing profile and
help balance the fly. With hair tails, biot
body, and what looks like a combination
of snowshoe rabbit and hare’s ear fur in
the thorax, this is an all-natural fly with
21st century design aesthetic. Without
even fishing this one we know it will be
a top choice for really fussy trout". Rick
will receive a signed copy of the Orvis
Fly Tying Guide.

Note: What they thought was snowshoe
rabbit was UP DN and TROUT Wing

This is truly a GUIDE FLY, the secret is out!
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Sulphur Emerger by Mary G.
Dean Myers, Owner of My Flies
"Just a short note to tell you how
much I enjoy tying with this material .
Much easier than cdc on the size
24-32 that I tie. I'll definitely be
ordering more".
Thanks , Dan
Blue Wing Olive
Tied by Ray Wentling
Caddis and Parachute by Mike
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Griffin Gnat from the IFTS, 2016.
Material used for body dubbing.
CDC used for winds.
Ed Ciurczak's Baetis size 20.
UP DN TROUT material behind the
soft hackle and for emerger wing