Pennsylvania Stream Reports And Conditions For Central and Eastern Pennsylvania, Penns Creek, Spring Creek, Pine Creek, Manatawny Creek, Tulpehocken Creek, Lackawanna River, Saucon Creek, Little Lehigh, Susquehanna River And Lehigh River

  • Hendrickson
  • March Brown
  • Green Drake
  • Golden Stonefly

Stream reports and conditions for Penns Creek, Spring Creek, Little Juniata, Pine Creek, Big Fishing Creek, Kettle Creek, Manatawny Creek, Tulpehocken Creek, Lackawanna River, Pohopoco, Mud Run, Valley Creek, Saucon Creek, Bushkill Creek, Little Lehigh, Broadhead Creek, Lehigh River, Lackawanna River and others that we guide on.  We only post stream report on creeks/rivers we have been fishing or guiding on that week and have direct knowledge from other guides or clients. We don’t SPOT BURN, some creeks we mention and some we will not. Remember you should just fish by the tree that is next to the rock. That is our favorite spot.

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PLEASE NOTE, we are out guiding and I will try and update the best I can. We are booked up and will be on the road a lot. Should be able to update once a week or every few days. So please check back. Our Facebook post are also a good source of stream conditions and might be more current.

Rick, Taylor, Dave R., Dave A., Brian, Derek, Bill, Shane

September 22nd, 2023

Central PA Fishing

Terrestrials time, sorry, heavy rains are coming to bring everything to a stop. Small Caddis (size 18), Ants, Cahills, Iyso are around. This 50 degree night are really goung to help. The water levels are great on Penns and Spring. It’s going to be a good fall after the water drops back down.

 Eastern PA

Same as above.

Lehigh River

 Very fishable, fall fishing is just getting started, and now the rains are coming.

Juniata/Susquehanna Rivers

The rivers were dropping and getting back to normal, and nw more rain is on the way. The fishing this year was excellent and the fall season should be great.

Pennsylvania Hatch Chart

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 Tulpehocken Creek  Manatawny Creek   Pohopoco Creek    Little Lehigh     

Penns Creek    Spring Creek    Pine Creek     Kettle Creek     Little Juniata  

 Juniata River     Susquehanna River    

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Come fish Penns Creek from Weikert through Ingleby, Poe Paddy State Park all the way to Coburn. We will also fish Spring Creek from Benner Spring in State College, Fisherman’s Paradise and all the way to Milesburg.  We can’t forget about Big Fishing Creek in Lamar. We can cover the narrows all the way up stream past the Taylorsville hatchery. All fishing is catch and release. We will target Rainbow, Brown and Brook trout. All creeks are within driving distance of State College and Bellefonte. Come enjoy the best hatches in the state, Cahills, Grannoms, Hendricksons, Quill Gordons, March Browns, Grey Fox, Sulphurs, Stoneflies, Blue Wing Olive, Green Drakes, Slate Drakes and Caddis. 

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